Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update on the New Cardi-Mobile

It fits the 2 crates!

We had to order the new crate for Stout, no more baby crate...

There's even enough room for the ex-pen!

It's no "Stout Perch," but he can still see out the front...

We tested it out on our drive to Cincinnati for our herding lesson. It was so much more comfortable to have both safely in the crates. Dana gave me an idea to keep from scratching the back bumper as I load & unload too. May have to send John to JoAnn Fabrics tomorrow...


  1. Mazda makes a rubber bumper guard for the top of the rear bumper. It comes with the adhesive already attached in strips.

    1. Thank you! We saw those on another Mazda on the lot, but they were $60 dealer installed! So we opted to wait & have found them online for $30. Hopefully we get them soon! I'm glad to hear that's all there is to installing them.