Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No "Muskrat Love" Here...

It all started as a normal day at the park...

Porter was busy herding fishes in the creek.

As our attention turned to Stout, Porter wandered to the other side of the creek & went into "hunting mode."

Suddenly we heard a splash and looked over just in time to see Porter grab a muskrat from it's den in the bank. He chomped it twice and laid it down... dead.

Of course, just like most of his kills, he couldn't just leave it there.

So he carried it up the stream, with Stout following right behind.

When we told him he would not be bringing it home for supper, he decided to bury it in the bushes next to the stream. I assured him it would probably still be there next time we came. Ugh.


  1. How proud Porter must have been! My guys do that to young groundhogs. One good shake and they're done. Jimmy insists on carrying it home so it is quite a struggle to get him to drop it. Hopefully they never catch an adult because I don't think it would go down without a huge fight.

  2. Stout looked like he was taking lessons -- you may have a team before long. Yuck!