Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Friday night fun!

Last Friday night we went out to Goose Creek Dog Sports for some agility run-thru'sand to catch up with friends.

The boys also got to meet the newest member of the Small Dog Posse, Dezi!

Little Dezi is a wirehaired Portuguese Podengo Pequeno puppy. She is adorable!

And extremely hard to photograph  :)  She's a quick little girl!

The quickest way is always straight across...

After running a couple courses, we took the dogs up to the pond to cool down.

Dally says the water's great!

Stout was kind enough to show Dezi to the shore...
 after she realized she could not walk on water!

Porter welcomes her to the group

And this photo cracks me up...
That's pure happiness right there!

Please come back for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow! I have a few "family" photos to share  :)

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  1. I've heard those PPods are pretty cool little dogs!