Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Iowa Photos!

Here are the last of the photos from Iowa  :(

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom: Stout swims!

Miles & Stout
Stout totally freaked out the first time he saw Miles come out of the water. He didn't recognize him!

Neither Porter nor Cracker swam. They were the waders of the bunch...

But at least Porter's legs don't look like this when he gets out of the water!

A collage of Maizee shaking

And just one shot of Stout shaking

"Awww, cool belly"

Stout was perplexed by Maizee dunking her head under the water.

Then she would fling it up and shake water everywhere...

"Awww, refreshing!"

John was trying to coax Porter out deeper

Cracker watched safely from shore

Little river otter

And Stout swims!

Stout followed Maizee & Miles in the first time as they went out to swim. He paddled back to shore. But then he did it again & again, without chasing them out there. I think he really enjoyed it! But as you can see on the video, I think John was a little nervous...  :)

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