Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Porter!

Yesterday was Porter's 7th birthday!

I wish I had some old puppy photos to share, but those were lost in the "Great Hard-Drive Crash of 2011."

So instead, you can see how Porter spent his birthday yesterday!

First, we spent the morning herding sheep. Which was then followed by ice cream!

Making sure he gets the last drop!

I made him share with Stout...

 We then stopped by the Bluegrass Barkery on our way to the campground for another special treat.

Trying to decide...

"I'll take the pizza, that looks delicious!"

Nom nom nom

Stout got his own pizza

"Man, that's tasty!

Once all crumbs were cleaned from the sidewalk, we headed to the campground. Porter loves camping in the Vanagon!

Actually, he loves patrolling the campsites for food. Especially the abandoned fire pits...

We finished up Porter's special day with raw rib bones.

"What? I love rib bones!"

Nom nom nom

Stout enjoyed his first rib bone too!

And since I didn't have a blog last year, here is a video I made of his festivities on his 6th birthday:


  1. Happy B-day, Porter!

    ....shame about the puppy pictures. Hopefully you do backups now?

  2. Happy Birthday dear Porter, wishing you more birthdays and blessings to come!

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  3. That looks like an AWESOME birthday! Hoping for many, many more!