Friday, July 6, 2012

Iowa Family

Stout met his Iowa family for the first time!

Between playing in the hose, swimming in the river, chasing throughout the yard, and barking at goats, the Brew Crew were worn out!

This is the closest I have to a family photo!
Miles (the brown affenpinscher), Maizee (the red aussie), and Cracker (the little black affenpinscher)

Just missing Cracker...

Stout & the affens. Stout LOVED Miles.


A swarm of herding dogs.


Do you see the 2 gargoyles? Hint: there's a little affen gargoyle on the roof...

Purrl did not like Stout. She's never been a fan of Porter either.

Papa Tony


And John & me. Wouldn't it have been better with Porter & Stout in there?  :)

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