Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have we finally turned a corner?

Porter & I had another good weekend in agility! Are we finally turning a corner in our trialing journey? I don’t know, and frankly, I’m not going to worry about it! All I know is that we are having fun, he’s running fast, & most of all, he’s doing his weaves! He ran like a well-oiled little corgi machine.

Our Standard Run from Saturday

After struggling for so long with his weaving issues, it feels good to run a course fluently & smoothly. There’s no retreating to redo the weaves. No more of my hands thrown up in the air as he skips a pole. No more “Oh Porter” from my friends as he dribbles out of the poles. But… I know from past experience that we could revert right back to that.

Our Standard Run from Sunday

And that’s why I’m reluctant to say more than we’ve “turned a corner.” I can still see the corner in my rear-view mirror. The dust hasn’t settled, I can still read the sign. Who knows, we may just be taking a quick drive around the block only to end up right back at the same corner!

Our JWW Run from Sunday

So I’m simply enjoying this new trialing experience. I’m living one class at a time, 12 poles at a time…
But this all makes me sound a little too zen, because I am really f’n thrilled that we scored 2 QQ’s over the weekend! And it was under a Cardigan judge!


  1. Woohoo! Sounds like a great weekend. I hope you never visit that corner again!
    Jimmy's table = Porter's weaves...I never know what I'll get. This past weekend I didn't even get to find out since he abandoned ship at the start of his STD run :-( Some people make the journey to a MACH look easy, but alas, not my team!

  2. Thats wonderful, may that corner be perpetual! So hapy for you!