Monday, August 27, 2012

An Eventful Weekend

Someone shake me, because I swear I must be dreaming  :)  Porter earned 2 more QQ's this weekend! That's 5 QQ's in a row! From the dog that couldn't even do 5 weaves in a row last year!!
He now has all the QQ's needed to compete at AKC Nationals! We just need 126 more speed points.
Earlier I had refused to seriously consider going to Nationals because I really didn't think it would happen. I wanted to take 1 run at a time & not put too much pressure on us... But there's no denying I feel the pressure now!

We traveled up to compete at the Queen City Dog Training Center Saturday morning.


I find I am running much more conservatively now since QQ's have been on the line  :)  My handling looks a little loose & deep when I'm trying to keep all the bars up & create really obvious lines. I'll sacrifice the tighter corners & harder crosses to make everything absolutely obvious.


But not everything went stellar over the weekend. I left Stout & Porter in the car Sunday morning as I carried stuff into the trial. When I came back out, Stout had eaten some of my Orbit gum. After some googling, we finally found that it did contain xylitol.

Fortunately, a friend carries hydrogen peroxide with her. I gave Stout a couple good doses (he just opened up his mouth & let me pour it down!). He puked up his breakfast kibble, part of an egg mcmuffin, some un-identified plastic bits, some stuffing from his toy, and 2 pieces of gum still partially in the wrapper.

Then he was as good as new!

And a good day at a trial should always end with a good walk with friends in the park:

A parade of dog breeds:
2 Cardigans
1 Pembroke, 1 Swedish Vallhund
2 Pyrenean Shepherds
2 Chihuahuas
2 Jack Russells


  1. Lovely runs! Porter looks so happy running. You guys have great rear crosses!

    1. Funny you should mention our rear crosses: I was just told that I've been doing them all wrong! :) I always thought they turned out pretty good, but apparently I've been "swinging them out like a 'v,'" instead of driving towards the jump. But I was too scared to change them for this trial :) I'm not going to try something new that we've just barely practiced when there's a QQ on the line!

  2. Great runs! That was so much fun to watch. Sorry about "garbage gut" and the gum. He has the baddog gene. You can make the AKC nationals! Go Porter!

    1. Thanks! After puking, he reverted right back to happy Stout :) Didn't phase him at all.
      And I loved his photo in the Bulletin!