Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dinosaurs & Agility

On our way to the agility trial over the weekend, we made a short stop at Dinosaur World! I'm a sucker for a photo op... Plus we all had to pee.

Stout was a little wary of the pterodactyl

Stout loves dinosaurs. He has a dinosaur blanket & a dinosaur on his id tag. RAWR!

Unfortunately we could only take photos from outside the fence. I really wanted a photo of them with the T-Rex...

Porter is doing his best impression of the triceratops

I'm pretty sure this is a recreation of Stout hatching from his egg...

Run Stout! The pterodactyl is right behind you!

And this is Stout's impression of the triceratops

Oh, and about that agility trial  :)

Porter did really well! He was one of only 3 dogs to qualify in Chances. This was our first trial to start earning points for the 2013 NADAC Championships as well. Earning 4 out of 6 "Q's" sure helps!

The RuFF group from Louisville always puts on a great trial. This was their first one at this location. We'll definitely be back, we still need to get photos in front of the Corvette Museum!  :)


  1. COOL photos! Where is Dinosaur World?

    1. It's just off I-65 near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky (between Elizabethtown & Bowling Green).