Friday, August 10, 2012

Herding Lesson

Porter had his usual Thursday night herding lesson last night. I was able to convince John to come along - so I could get some photos & videos  :)

Actually, I gave him a choice: either he & Stout could come with us, or they could stay home together. He chose to come...

We squeezed our lesson in between storms.

We have been working a lot on driving. That was part of the reason I asked John to come along, I wanted videos of us driving so I could watch my body language. Unfortunately, most of John's time was spent trying to keep Stout occupied and he missed photographing & videoing that part of our lesson   :)

But that's ok, I'm just happy he got to see Porter do so well. I think it's really starting to click for us!

We actually drove them from around the cone into the Y chute! I won't say how many times we tried before we were successful...

The rest of the time we did some paralell driving, driving out in the middle (not up against the fence), inside flanks, and started & ended with outruns & fetching.

Here is a video of part of Porter's first outrun last night, followed by some the fetching at the end:

Yes, that is Stout causing all the commotion. I think he was trying to get to some sheep poo...

"That'll do, Port."

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  1. Jimmy and Wilson are jealous! They want to know why I stopped herding lessons after getting the HT!