Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stout's First Night of Obedience Class

Yep, Stout is back in school!

Now that he has matured a little bit (grown a brain), we decided it was time for Stout to learn some real manners.

Waiting for class to start.

We enrolled Stout in Level 1 at Best Friends Obedience. This is the same place he took his Puppy Class and where I teach agility in the summer.

Not quite "heel position"

Our first night, we taught him to sit, stand, & down. We also learned about "control position." I prefer to call it "heel position," sounds a lot less dominating  :)

Slightly closer to "heel position"

Stout knew quite a bit of these things already due to our online tricks class. But we've rarely worked them in an environment like this. Your dog can know all the obedience & tricks in the world in your backyard, but getting them to perform them elsewhere is the real challenge!

This is a good chance for more socialization for Stout as well. It's a great opportunity to work away from Porter and work with John. I think Stout enjoyed his night with just us. He was wiped out when we got home!

"Stout Heel"

After class, Stout got to see his Podengo friend, Dezi, again. It was her first night of puppy school!

I barely remember when Stout was that little...

So adorable!

Dezi even has her own blog:

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  1. Stout is looking very grown-up. He was so tiny when you got him!
    Love that last picture of Dezi, too. :)