Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Obedience Class for Stout

Stout had his 2nd obedience class this week. We've been pretty pleased with his progress!

This week we worked on more heeling, small circles to the left, and the usual sit, down, & stand.

We also added in very short stays & a recall.

Stout is a much better pupil when you have cookies in your pocket!

Cookie induced focus

Non-cookie focus
(Looks like I could use some "cookie focus" too!)

Stout's first recall
(he was more interested in Beth's strings on her shorts...)

"This obedience stuff is exhausting!"

"You're embarrassing me, PuppyDaddy! Not in front of the other puppies!"

There was an incident in class this week where a pup peed on Beth's sandals (while on her feet!). Fortunately it was not Stout!  :)    A+ for the corgi!

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