Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Few Photos From The Trial

Have I mentioned what a sucker I am for photos?  :)
The same photographer who took the first agility photos of Stout, was at the herding trial. I think Jim Poor does an outstanding job & I was excited to see him there!
It is so much harder to decide on which herding photos to purchase though... The best photos aren't necessarily the best part of your run  :)  Good herding shouldn't be all that exciting.
So I had to compromise between good photos & photos that showed good herding  ;)

While I was yelling at Porter here, at least the sheep were in the correct position  :)

Even though the sheep are pushed past me, at least Porter is going out to cover.
And I don't look panic-stricken  :)

I think this was our first time to have a successful runway panel at a trial. Generally they are more of a "run-away panel" type of thing.
But look at how calm we are! And how far away Porter is!
Never mind that he is heading them off to stop movement, instead of calmly driving them down the fenceline...

Here is a link to the photo that sums up our herding, but I just couldn't justify purchasing it  :)


  1. LOVE the one you could not justify buying -- it fits every venue in which we compete!

  2. yes, the one you didn't buy was my favorite, but I absolutely understand why you didn't buy it!

  3. After losing Grace so young, its the naughty pictures I didnt buy that I regret not buying. Yes I have some really nice, Grace being a good girl pictures, but the ones that I needed after she passed away are the naughty ones, where she was being herself. I needed those so much more than the good girl ones. Buy the photos that show the true dog, naughtiness as much as wonderfulness. Just a thought.

    1. Dawn, I love what you wrote here. So thoughtful and true!

  4. They are wonderful pictures, but I agree with Dawn, get the one with the truest memories attached. (Yes, I know how expensive they are!) I like the one you didn't buy also because of the BC face in the background. You just know that dog is over there thinkg "Am I going to have to go in there and show 'em how it's done?" He's hoping he will ;-)