Friday, June 14, 2013

Video Proof :)

Here it is, video proof that Porter earned his HSAs!

When I watch the video, I see sooooo many things that I could have done differently (I'm still learning the "strategy" aspect of getting around the course). I see mistakes Porter made, I see mistakes I made, I see times when I should have gotten after him...

But overall, I see so many more good things than I ever have before  :)  We didn't lose the sheep down field on Sunday! Our runway panel was finally good! I didn't argue with him on the initial fetch!

On Saturday the judge told me that I needed to trust him more. So that's why Sunday looks a little wild  :)  I chose to just trust him to do his job and I just moved. I did less arguing & let him cover. Granted, that's why I was running more...

I still wish "practice Porter" would show up instead of "trial Porter," but I'm seeing more & more of that good dog all the time  :)

Porter herding at the CSSC Trial at Hado Bar Farms. from Wooftastic Videos on Vimeo.

Thank you to Mags at Wooftastic Video!