Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NADAC Trial Report - Porter Edition

Porter had a pretty darn good weekend at the NADAC trial!

I drastically cut back the number of classes he was running (they offer 6 classes a day). The decision was partly financial (had to pay for Stout's runs too...) and partly because I wanted him to run well in the classes that count for his NATCH  :)

A NATCH is the NADAC equivalent of a MACH or PACH. Porter already has all the Regular Q's he needs, but we still need Jumpers & Chances Q's.

They almost always run Jumpers as the last class on Saturday. Porter is always exhausted by then & either drops a bar or doesn't make time. So I planned on only running him in 2 classes prior to that, instead of the usual 5.

Well, I guess just being at the trial all day is enough to tire him out now!  :)  Poor little guy is starting to show his age... But they also run Jumpers as the first class on Sunday, where he pulled out a Q!

Porter had 2 beautiful Chances runs. He nailed all the hard stuff on Saturday, but then missed the tunnel / A-Frame discrimination...  But on Sunday, we nailed it!

Chances is a numbered course with a distance line.
The majority of this course was on the other side of the line.
On Sunday, Porter got a massage from Letha & he was awful hot up in his chest & shoulder. I scratched him from Touch N Go after that, didn't figure he needed to do an unnecessary A-Frame. So he ran the first class (Jumpers) and the last class (Chances). Let's just say that he was pissed off when he came to the line in Chances  :)  Porter does not like his brother getting to run so much more than him!

Porter's NATCH Countdown:
Still need 6 Elite Chances Q's
Still need 3 Elite Jumpers Q's

I will give Stout's update on Thursday. Here's a teaser: he's still the world's friendliest corgi in agility...

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  1. I know you train primarily by yourself but could you recruit a couple of friends to come sit and pretend to be ring crew? Either getting him used to seeing people sitting around or if needed an actual "NO!" from someone so he gets the point. It's a pity to discourage such a nice temperament, but he needs to get the hint ;-) I used to worry Jimmy would visit people he knew/liked who were ring-crewing, but fortunately he never did.