Friday, June 28, 2013

Training Stout's Contacts

Like I mentioned yesterday, Stout missed almost every contact at the NADAC trial. I wasn't surprised  :)

I hate to admit it, but I have failed to teach Stout any contact behavior. Yes, I teach agility to other people and yet I have neglected to teach my own dog to hit the contact zone on the frame or dogwalk.

It's not due to laziness, at least not totally  :)  It's mostly due to my indecisiveness.

I know I want running contacts. Watching the finalists at the AKC Nationals convinced me of that.

Porter has pseudo-running contacts - not due to training, but because I failed to train anything else & he naturally hits the yellow.

I tried that a little with Stout. Not gonna happen. Actually, that's pretty much what I've been relying on. He's just too leggy & driven - his natural stride doesn't carry him into the yellow & his speed & desire says jumping it is much faster anyway  :)

I've toyed around with Silvia Trkman's method. I have friends that have used her method & it works great! I hve watched the dvd and even submitted a couple videos of Stout running the plank to our Foundations class with her.

But without a dogwalk of our own, it looks much more difficult. And I'm not crazy about the number of repetitions needed to train it.

Early this year I attended a seminar with Dawn Weaver. Her dogs all have running (& stopped) contacts. I looked into her online class & was intrigued. I could find very little information, seems she secret to her method is well kept.

So I consulted with a fellow blogger who has done both methods & she recommended Dawn's  :)  So I signed up. I have been happy with our progress so far!

Unfortunately, I can't share any info with you  :)  Come to find out, the reason you don't find much info is because she asks you not to release it. I can't blame her, after all, that is how she makes her money. But it does suck not to be able to share our videos. So you'll have to wait & see the results when I'm done  :)

So here is our latest video our online Foundations class with Silvia:

We finally have an in-line serpentine!


  1. He is so athletic -- your are going to have a great time -- once he decides to follow your directions.

  2. I can't wait to see how his RC turn out!!! I'm very interested in Dawn's method.

  3. I'm still uncertain about LaMesa's contacts, and I'm afraid it's going to come back to bite me in the butt at some point.... Ugh.

  4. Maya blew her first dogwalk contact at the beginning of this month. SHOCK! This made me rethink I need a plan with Dezi - and I shouldn't treat contacts the same as you had initially with Stout or rely on the non-method we used on our first dogs...