Friday, June 21, 2013

A Weekend for Training

Stout will be making his NADAC agility debut this weekend. And of course, the NADAC veteran Porter will be running too  :)

The classes Porter is running have been drastically cut. In NADAC, you can run 6 classes per day, which is what Porter has always done.
But I've noticed that he is really pooping out now since he's gotten older. So half his classes will be run by Stout, which works well from a financial standpoint too  :)

So Porter will only be running Jumpers & Chances, which he needs for his NATCH, and then Touch N Go, because it is his favorite.

This is going to be somewhat of a training weekend for the Snouter  :)  He will be running more classes in a day than he ever has before, but I don't plan on finishing too many of them.
Why? Well, NADAC is awesome in that it allows "training" in the ring. So we are going to try to dampen his excitement in seeing the ring crew  :)
My plan involves running him as I do when we practice (aka trusting that he knows what he's doing!). If he runs off to see someone, I'll call him, but then I'm going to go get him. I'll probably do our little game where I tease him (push, ruffle, fluff, "the claw", etc.) then we'll run for the finish.
NADAC will allow me to touch him then finish, all under "training in the ring." In AKC, if I touched him, I'd have to leave the course. So I have all kinds of scenarios I'm playing with in my head...
If enticing a chase doesn't work, then I'll simply pick him up & carry him to the last jump, let him jump, and celebrate. Or I could run 3 jumps (nowhere near the bar setters) and finish.

I don't want to ruin his enthusiasm, I'd just rather him be enthused to play with me, not random ring crew  :)

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