Friday, July 5, 2013

A Rainy Day Walk

Because of a routine that I sometimes wish I'd never started, the dogs demand to be walked every afternoon after work. Rain, sleet, snow, or 100 degree days, they expect their walk.
I've learned to deal with the weather (although I dislike the really hot & humid), so I always oblige them. And I have learned to actually love the rainy day walks, for the reasons you'll see below.

My summer rain gear: shorts, rubber boots, & a rain coat.
At least no one else is out in the rain to see me dressed like this...
So why do I like the rainy walks? Because we come across stuff like this in the park:

A little turtle! And it's not even a snapping turtle :)

Stout's previous turtle encounter was with a very large snapping one.
Yes, he got snapped at, hence the trepidation you see above  :)

Once the turtle was safely inside it's shell, Stout was more comfortable getting a good sniff.

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  1. You're missing out on a lot of rainy walks here in Lexington! The girls and I have ventured out in the rain the past couple of days and people look at us like we're crazy haha