Monday, July 29, 2013

Distance Work

After my private lessons on Saturday, I decided to practice some of our distance skills for NADAC.

I ran Stout first, not expecting him to succeed. Once again, I need to quit underestimating the little guy: he nailed it! I was so proud of him (as you'll note from my reaction in the video)  :)

So then I got Porter out. The "distance king" was a little rusty  :)  I was shocked by this, until I watched the video. I was kind of lazy in my handling because I did expect him to nail it. And I should have thrown my reward out sooner, before he became pattern trained. But he finally got it in the end.

And then there is a little 12 pole weave comparison at the end. Stout is rocking those poles!


  1. What good dogs -- and 12 poles for the baby baddog! Pretty impressive.

  2. Nice distance work and weaves! I'm still working on basic rear crosses at tunnels :D