Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best Friends Obedience: 30th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, the dogs, John, & I all attended the 30th Anniversary Celebration for Best Friends Obedience.
I attended my first agility class with Best Friends 11 years ago with my Pembroke, Rigue. Porter & Stout both enjoyed their puppy classes. And now I've been an agility instructor with them for 4 years.

To celebrate the occasion, they held a large picnic at one of the instructor's homes. There was agility run-thru's, obedience & rally run-thru's, a cookout, and even a bonfire.

Note Dally in the crate: she refuses to be in the x-pen with others.
I was in charge of the doggie games. So of course, I made sure we did the best game ever: the Weenie Bob!  :)
Porter held his own again in the Weenie Bob, but was narrowly beaten by 2 Aussies... by a half-second  :( 

Dezi, Lili, Chance & Maya also came out

Check back Thursday to see Stout's favorite thing from the celebration!


  1. I didn't realize you took a class before Porter! 11 years ago? You're not that old!

  2. I still need to get you the pictures I took of you and Stout practicipating in the Rally run-thru!