Friday, July 19, 2013

Blind Crosses Vs. Rear Crosses

In Stout's online class with Silvia Trkman, our latest assignment was to run a course with rear crosses & then blind crosses. I ran it with both dogs to compare.

If anyone knows me in real life, you know that I was always very against blind crosses  :)  My tagline was "never let your dog see your ass!"

Well, I hate to admit that I have jumped on the blind cross bandwagon...

I still need to work on them quite a bit. Porter is not letting go of my "no blind crosses" mantra very easily. Stout is very open-minded  :)



  1. All the barking cracks me up! Both boys don't like it when the other one works!

    I try blind crosses in class but don't have the nerve at a trial. Jimmy didn't learn on them and doesn't read them well.

  2. Porter is not pleased with you changing the rules. Stout doesn't believe in rules anyway so he doesn't really care. Like everything you do, they will join you.

  3. I love blind crosses and use them with Smooch all of the time. She's not very speedy on course so using a front or rear cross can be demotivating. We used Barb Davis's method and now are working with Daisy Peel. Both methods work well. Barb uses what she calls "wiggle finger behind butt" to get the dogs attention when first starting. You can fade that once they learn the cue. If you have knee issues BC's really help there as well. Have fun!

  4. Blind crosses rule! :o)

    I didn't ever do blind crosses (except out of tunnels, where all crosses are blind to the dog anyhow) until Secret came along. At first I started doing them because they were "fancy," but then I quickly realized that blind crosses kept up her momentum FAR more than a FC or RC. She is excellent at reading my BC cues, probably because I've done them with her since almost the beginning.

    The boys... Well, they have had to deal with me adding this new tool to my tool box much like your boys. :o) Luke is picking it up rather quickly, but Kaiser has struggled some. He likes to watch my feet, so for the time being when I BC him I scoop down and make my new inside hand VERY obvious to him. Sometimes it works better than others, but I'm getting more and more nice BCs versus the super wide "where the hell did you go, Mom" turns.

    And yes, my knees love me.