Monday, July 15, 2013

Lisa Bonker Seminar

Over the weekend I audited another Lisa Bonker agility seminar.

If you recall, back in March, Stout had a working spot in her seminar (he debuted his "groundhog start line"). I was a little too slow to secure a working spot this time  :(

Photo from our last NADAC trial

Even without a working spot, I still had a great time & learned a lot. This was a continuation of our previous seminar, so we built upon things she had already taught us.

I just really like the way she teaches. I've been to quite a few bad seminars: boring, too detailed, too easy, too condescending, brash, etc. But I've never come away with anything but an excitement to get out & train after Lisa's.

Porter doing some hoops at the last NADAC trial

And I really enjoy hanging out with my NADAC friends  :)  The RuFF group is great - I wish I lived closer so I could train with them more often!

Porter doing the NADAC A-Frame at our last trial

And after a weekend spent surrounded by NADAC, I have decided that I will send in my entry for Champs  :)  Time to start polishing up Porter's distance skills!


  1. Good for you! It will be a fun year! :o)

    I would love to get to one of Lisa's seminars one day.

  2. I have to say I've never heard of Lisa Bonker but that is probably because I've never done any NADAC. I googled her and had to laugh because back in May, she had a seminar in my hometown, Woodstown, NJ! Too funny.