Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Hike In The Woods, This Time With Ticks!

John & I took the dogs on another hike down at the Kentucky River Palisades. We ventured back to the Sally Brown Nature Preserve.
We took the trail to the right. For future reference: do not take the trail to the right again until fall!

It started out pleasant enough, until the trail wound through a large grassy area. We came out the other side crawling with ticks! Ugh.

We were able to brush most of them off us & the dogs before they got to the skin. Most of them...  Ugh.

Sorry if I grossed anyone out! But I can't look at these photos and not think about the ticks...


  1. I DESPISE ticks! It ruins so many of my walking trails this time of year! I've picked many, many, many off my dogs so far this year. None of the tick products have 100% success and I DESPISE putting chemicals on my dogs anyway. When it comes to dog walks, we all prefer winter!

  2. Unfortunately, even if you went left on that trail, you'd still go through that same patch, since it's a loop. :-( I've really wanted to go out there this summer more.

    1. No, this was a different trail we found. There's 2 separate trails at the same place. We did the one to the left earlier this spring/winter.
      You can go out there any time :) I'm jealous!

  3. Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Now I'm crawling! Ewww!

  4. My least favorite part of our trail walks and hikes through the woods. Frontline was completely useless this spring. I've been having better luck since I went to Advantix II -- it at least is supposed to repel them, or at least they claim to.