Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Agility Trial...

Before we leave for our agility trial this weekend, let me catch you up on last weekend's agility trial  :)

Yes, A LOT of agility trials right now... After the runs below, Porter is now only 4 speed points short of qualifying for the AKC Nationals! I purposely entered a bunch of trials to try to get this done sooner rather than later!

Our first run last weekend featured our first-ever trial experience of taking the back-side of a jump:

Not really what I had in mind going into the back-side jump, but it actually set him up pretty well for it!

And our JWW course:

And a QQ! Our 9th!

I ran this next one very conservatively... I knew I was close to being able to get all my points at this trial, so I just wanted to make sure I Q'd! Of course, if I had run more aggressively, I may have been able to actually get all the remaining points on just this run... Didn't think it through completely!

And an NQ:

I walked this course every conceivable way I could run it, and yet I never considered that jump after the tunnel as an off-course possibility  :)
We went into last weekend needing 56 points. Now we're going into this weekend only needing 4. Not bad for a little corgi who couldn't Q at all 6 months ago!
So proud of my Porter-Pup!


  1. Congrats!Looks like a great weekend! I'd say you'll be headed to the Nationals for sure!

    Your running dogwalk is great as are your rear-crosses!

    With the summer off, there's no chance for us at all to go to the Nationals :-(

  2. GREAT! You'll represent our dogs-with-no-legs so well!