Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boardwalk - Part 1

We took the boys on an almost daily walk through Duck on their nice boardwalk. This is apprently how people began to recognize us  :)
It winded down the sound-side, along little shops (Duck Donuts!), and through the park. There were always people crabbing & fishing, and in some of the marshi-er places there were snakes.


Kayak launch

Porter was absolutely mesmerized by the waves coming up the platform & splashing against the bottom.
I'm pretty sure he thought there was some sort of varmint under there!

We stopped to have a soda. I swear it was a soda this time!

John hadn't quite caught onto the posing and photo-taking yet...
I wasn't very clear in my instructions  :)
(I was posing them, he was working the camera)

Much better!  :)

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  1. LOL! Your beach vacation is like's a month gone by and it's still providing blog fodder! By the time we end up posting in the here and now, it will have to be snow pictures!