Monday, October 1, 2012

Beach Friends

Stout made some friends at the beach while on our vacation in the Outer Banks.

The beaches in Duck were very dog friendly. In the evening when all the people would leave, it turned into a sort of dog park. While all the other dogs were off leash, we made Stout drag a long line, just in case he took off after a sea gull or something  :)  He hasn't quite earned the same trust as Porter yet!



Stout found out crabs were not friends!


  1. Porter didn't eat the crabs?

  2. What a party animal Stout is. The crab shot should be entered in the National Photo Contest!

  3. Wow...we were at Duck last week, too! I'm sorry we didn't meet on the beach to talk "cardi"--even though you don't know us, and we had the old standard poodle girl and not the cardi boyz with us :)

    1. Oh no, sorry we missed you! We got asked a lot about the cardigans, it would have been nice to talk with someone who already knew about them! :)