Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canine Olympics!

On Sunday we participated in one of our favorite events of the year: the Woodford Humane Society's Canine Olympics! 
 Pending any future doping allegations, the boys each won a medal!
 Stout got to compete in his event first. We had signed him up for the Straight Line Dash, hoping to use his little vallhund girlfriend as bait to bring out his blazing speed...

It didn't work. No medal there for Stout  :)
Up next was Porter's costume debut. I worked hard on his costume, and it paid off. Gold Medal in "Most Creative Costume!"

So what was he?

He beat a swiffer & a bag of pug cotton candy  :)

Although not entered in the costume contest, Stout showed his support by wearing one of Porter's old costumes:
 Stout-a-saurus Rex
And then came the highlight of the Canine Olympics: the Cookie Toss!
Porter has a long, glorious history with the Cookie Toss. He was the Gold Medal winner his first year out - not bad for a rookie. Then he was a back-to-back Silver Medalist. This was his year to regain the title. John had been practicing with him. He was in peak physical form.
The competition was stiff. Including a rookie from his own household. Yes, Stout was going to give it a try.
How many cookies could they catch in 1 minute? The air was still, the boys were hungry. Armed with a bagful of biscuits, the whistle blew.
Porter ate 32 cookies.
And Stout? He ate 36! Stout surpasses his brother to win his very first medal - a Bronze!

Watch the competition below:


Other events that we did included:
  • Stout - Hot Dog Dash! He ate the hot dog before making it even half-way across the ring...
  • Stout - My Dog Will Eat Anything! Stout ate everything but the lemon slice. He ate the ritz cracker, shredded wheat, marshmallow, beet, mandarin orange slice, cabbage, parsley, & broccoli.
  • Porter - Also competed in the My Dog Will Eat Anything contest. He did not eat the cabbage, parsley, broccoli, or lemon.
  • Porter - Outfield Catch. For each successful catch of a biscuit, John took 1 step back. It was close, but no medal.
And perhaps the biggest victory of all? Neither one threw up on the car ride home!

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