Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jockey's Ridge State Park

While on vacation in the Outer Banks, we visited Jockey's Ridge State Park. It was so cool, we actually went back the next day  :)

It's a huge sand dune system between the ocean and the sound. People actually hang glide off the dunes. Stout kept begging us to sign him up, but he didn't meet the height requirements.

Stout led us up the first dune.
It was quite a climb for those of us without "4 paw drive"

As we crested the top, it was like we entered the Sahara Desert.
We headed to the "corgi oasis"

Ah, it was not just an illusion!

The oasis was rainwater - completely clear & clean
(Porter was a little disappointed that there weren't any fishes)
We trekked across to the sound.

Overlooking the sound

Then we climbed the huge dune that they hang glide from

A view from the top

We could see out to the ocean

And now it's time to go down the huge dune!
Stout & John got a head start.

"Release the hound!"

After all the walking in the sun & sand, we all needed to cool off!

Cooling the belly

And Stout enjoyed showing off his swimming skills:


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  1. Great post! I've never been to OBX so haven't seen this park. I want to go! How nice you could bring the dogs!