Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Herding Clinic

Over the weekend, Stout, Porter, & I got to participate in the annual Cardigan-Only herding clinic hosted by our trainer Dana.
There is nothing better than spending a weekend with cardigans, sheep, & friends! I learn so much by watching other people work. And it pushes me when it comes time for my turn.
"Watch out sheep, here come the Cardigans!!"
I forgot to hand my camera off when I worked Porter. So no photos of Porter :(  But I do have photos (and a video!) of Stout!  (thanks Dina!)
"What?! Stout gets to herd too?"

Yep, Stout got to participate in his first clinic! He shared a spot with another puppy.

Deep breaths for me, a mouthful of sheep poo for Stout.

"Walk up"

Stout loved it! And he was fairly normal, not his usual out-of-control, over-the-top corgi-self.
We progressed from a lot of walking around the pen the first day (see video below), to using a long line the 2nd day.


"Oh yeah, I'm the sheep master."

I think I'll wait before I do too much herding with Stout. Our online agility class just started & there's only 24 hours in a day...  So Porter will continue to get the herding lessons while Stout will only be available for limited engagements.

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