Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

If you didn't see it on Facebook, Stout received his first agility Q over the weekend!

I say "received" because he certainly didn't "earn" it  :)

I didn't even know until Sunday night when the results were emailed to me, so he didn't get a ribbon to celebrate  :(

So why didn't he "earn" it? Watch the video below:

Now don't get me wrong - I am absolutely THRILLED with how he did! Look at those weaves! The teeter! That tiny little stay at the start line! He was a freaking rock star! Not bad for his first time running a standard course!

But I think we can all agree that he had way too many faults to qualify, even for novice... But I'll still take it!

It's a little deja vu-ish since Porter's very first Q was not earned either. I must have some sort of knack for wearing judges down until they just pass us  :)  Or maybe it is the scribes that are on my side.

Thank god that bucket/cone got caught underneath him or I think he would have peed on those bags. Obviously another dog already had...

And another downfall to training by yourself was revealed: he had never had anyone count down while he is on the table. I think he thought the judge was calling him "Five" and he should go introduce himself  :)

But anyway, what was the other first?

Porter earned 26 speed points on this run! That is an all time record for him!

Porter & I had a lot of challenges over the weekend. This was the only run he Q'd. I'll share the other videos tomorrow, along with my excuses :)

And once again, I apologize for the lack of blogging. This change at work is killing me...  :)


  1. Great job! Wow, from the angle of the camera, the off course end of the tunnel looked like it was just a couple of feet from the end of the weaves! Did anybody NQ on the wrong entry?

    And 26 speed points! Woohoo! Porter's now running at the speed of Jimmy!

    1. A lot of people did! Some ran the other side of the weaves and tried to pull... rarely worked. If you ran it like I did & your timing wasn't good, the dog either beat you to the wrong end, or cut behind you to the wrong end :)
      I was just happy that Porter didn't leave the weaves early to run in there! That's usually his downfall :)
      That 180 to a serpentine also got a lot of people. And there were some really weird fault calls on the table. If your dog took the side closest to the camera, it was faulted. Didn't make sense...

    2. Oh, and if you didn't wait at the tunnel exit after the weaves, most dogs went right back into the weaves instead of the double. That also got a lot of people.

  2. congratulations!!! Porter looks very speedy and Stout did such a great job for a baby dog!

    1. Thank you! Love your blog BTW - was reading it long before I started one!