Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Online Class

Yes, I have signed up for another online class  :)

Stout is enrolled in Silvia Trkman's Foundations class again. Yes, this is the same class we took over the winter  :)

I think I may be a Trkman junkie... :)

But seriously, I love this stuff. We didn't even come close to conquering it all the first time around. Stout learned the teeter and some basic sequencing. A lot of the finer points were missed on us  :)

So this time we are looking to refine our skills and learn the things we skipped over the first time. I want to increase his speed & drive. I want to hit those hard weave entries. I want to work more on his jumping skills.

I mean, who wouldn't want to run like this?

The little Pyr Shep was the fastest dog out all heights!

I think Stout will be there in no time  :)


  1. Hi there, classmate! :-)

    I've been feeling a bit panicky lately, like I'm wayyyyy behind everyone else, we don't have a basic cik/cap down pat yet nevermind sends and figure 8s and all that! So I'm glad to read your post -- guess I won't be the only one who doesn't complete all of the course content the first time around :-)

    BTW did I mention I think Stout is a VERY handome little fellow? What a face on him!

    (lisar with Gilligan)

    1. Hello! I hope you see this, I never know if people get notified of my replies :)
      Gilligan looks great! When I took the Foundations in the fall, there were people who were taking it for the 3rd & 4th time! And they were phenomenal! So I like to think that we'll be phenomenal if we re-take it :)
      I was way behind everyone the first time too. You just kind of have to decide on what you want to focus on, because I think if you try to do everything you will definitely fall behind! Like I said, I focused on the teeter and just playing & running. I never even raised the bars until the very end (of course he was just turning a year old).
      Take your time & enjoy it - you will learn a ton! Especially if you watch other people's videos!