Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Professional Videos from Nationals

If you hadn't noticed, all my videos from Nationals were filmed by Megan. And she did a great job!
But I did pay for the professional videos from 4 Legged Flix. So where are those videos?
Well, I had a little problem with their fancy, shmancy USB device:

Weird looking USB, huh? It was the size of a business card, only a little thicker. Then that piece at the top would flip out to go into your computer.
Well, I couldn't get it to go into my computer because the card part ran into it. John told me to just pop that piece out, that all the info was on there...
I should have done a little more research before I just blindly followed his advice. Yep, the main stuff was inside the card, connected by wire running through the little swivel points. Oops.
So I broke it. Before ever getting the videos off.
I went ahead and contacted the company, on the offhand chance that they would take pity on me & send me another one. Or at least let me buy another one. But they did one better. They just emailed me the videos!  :)
So here are the professional videos. I thought I'd post them so I could tell my stupid story, and I do think they offer another view to the mistakes I made  :)

Warm-Up Round

Round 1
The "bump" is much more apparent here :)

Round 2

Round 3
You can really see "Angry Porter" at the start!

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  1. Well, the breaking of the USB card sounds like something I would do. Last year I ordered all the photos of Chase herding, but half of what I received was not Chase, but his daughter Lowri. I contacted the photog and was sent a new disk. I assumed they had put everything on it, replacing the incorrect photos and I THREW AWAY THE ORIGINAL. Nope! It had only the replacement photos. How dumb was I -- sigh! It's great to have the video and/or photos as you move along with that dog and with a new dog. I learn so much each time.