Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zero's New Trick - Caught On Video!

It's not often that the blog veers away from the Brews Brothers, but tonight I just have to share this video of their kitty-sister!

Zero will be turning 17 next month and she has had this weird habit for as long as I can remember... She's actually doing it now as I type.

Zero is obsessed with what we call her "mouse-babies."

She roams around the house, carrying one in her mouth, and making these god-awful yowling sounds. It's pretty frightening if you don't know what she's doing. She has creeped out many house guests...

Zero with 2 "mouse-babies" - and the infamous platypus egg

All hours of the day & night (talk about creepy!) she would do this. But then along came Stout...

And he ate most of her "mouse-babies."

So she had to improvise. First it was small dog toys. We catch her carrying around that egg a lot (yes, it came inside a platypus toy).

But now it seems that she has moved on to bigger prey:

John filmed this the other night. That bunny is as big as she is!

I left the yowling on the end of the video for everyone's listening pleasure  :)

Does anyone know why she does this?


  1. when we hear the "full mouth yowl", it usually means that one of the cats has brought in a critter that may or may not be dead . . . I think Zero is carrying her prey around.

    1. Finally an answer! We thought it was either that or some sort of maternal thing... :)