Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stout's Agility Trial Debut!

We finally did it. Stout & I ran in his first agility trial!

And he did pretty darn good!

I mean, we're not talking any Q's or anything, but he didn't embarrass me out there. He actually looked like he had been trained  :)  Maybe not proofed with a lot of distractions, but he did well.

He did one Novice Jumpers with Weaves run each day:

I definitely know what I need to work on! Start lines, more weaves, rear crosses... But look at him take almost all the jumps! And once we got going, he did fantastic! I could not be any prouder  :)

I posted the video to our online classroom with Silvia Trkman to get her opinion. She said:

"Great job! He is really running -- actually waiting for you on some places! Great focus for the 1st time as well! The weaves, you made it extra difficult in the last run by front crossing before!!! You should just keep him on your right!"

I asked her if he would get faster. She said:

"Yes, to me it looks like he would go even faster if you went even faster -- What a progress since his beginnings!!!"

So I need to add that to my list of things to work on: me getting faster!  :)

Tomorrow I'll post Porter's runs. No QQ's  :(  I messed him up a couple times...


  1. Oh yes, I definitely think Stout is going to get faster than he already is! I think he'll have more confidence out there than even Porter (who I think is a pretty confident boy). That's great to see Sylvia's praise!

  2. Great job. I have a feeling he will be quite fast when he gets it all figured out. He looked pretty relaxed out there. And all the bars stayed up so that's great, too!