Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dezi!

On Friday night, the Brews Brothers attended the birthday party of their favorite Portuguese Podengo Potato, Dezi!

A cake from the Bluegrass Barkery!

The birthday girl: Dezi!

This wasn't just any ordinary party, there were plenty of fun & games!

Game 1: Chase the Podengo

Followed by Game 2: Smash the Podengo!

Resting between games...

Some more guests show up: The Stump Kids!

Game 3: Chase the Swede!

It really was an International Affair  :) Welsh, Swedish, Portuguese...

The Valllhund prepares to strike back!

After we (the adults) had eaten our supper, it was time for the best game of all: The Weenie Bob! We have to get them in fighting form for the Terrier Trial in 2 weeks  :)

Weenies? We're ready!

The first weenies didn't have a chance - 
the pro's grabbed them before anyone else even saw them drop...

So the cardigans (& Lili) were pulled aside so others could participate :)
Mesa caught on...

Dally & Maya? Not so much...

So we sent in the clean-up crew to remove any stray weenies :)

Finally we ended the night with hats & cake!

The birthday girl

What a good girl! She didn't even nibble!

Ok, she nibbled some  :)

She wasn't about to let Porter have a nibble though!

At the end of the night we left her napping in the recliner.
A great party will wear you out!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun!

    That Weenie Bob would have turned into a Weenie Fight pretty darn quickly at my house!