Friday, May 25, 2012

2 Creeks in 2 Days

With the warm weather the last couple days, it was the perfect time to hit up our 2 favorite parks with creeks!

The water was so low that we were able to walk on the dam. Usually water is flowing over it.

Stout is finally getting comfortable in the water. He even played a little fetch:

We also checked out the new mountain bike trails. I tried to get the dogs to run real fast and take the banked corners...

We enjoyed the other park the following afternoon.

Porter loves the abundance of groundhog holes here. Stout is really getting the hang of finding them too.

But sometimes we get bored and just have to wait around for Porter to give up hunting so we can continue our walks.

One final cool-off in the creek before we go.

When we got home, the Roomba was on the prowl:

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  1. What a fun couple of days for the boys - and you :)