Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Zero Kitty!

Happy 16th Birthday to the most bad-a$$ stripey cat ever!

We got Zero way back during my college years. I remember going to the Humane Society where they turned us down for adoption (we were renters, college students, poor...). So off we went to the pet store where they asked no questions  :)

She was the only one awake in her cage, terrorozing her sleeping friends. That should have been a clue...


She survived a year living the college life with me & 3 male room mates. She does still sport the kink in her tail from that frozen can of orange juice falling out of the freezer...

She moved to Kentucky with me, riding 11 hours on the dash of a Ryder truck.

I remember taking her to the vet, dumping her out of the carrier, and the vet tech proclaiming: "My god, she swallowed a football!"

She continues to be an avid catnip farmer, sometimes actually sleeping the bowl so she can totally immerse herself in the experience.

When I took her to be spayed, I also requested that she be de-clawed. When I went to pick her up, they told me they were unable to do the declawing because they couldn't keep her under anesthesia long enough. Apparently she would awake and attack! They finally gave up. They couldn't get her out of the cage after her recovery either. She was a hellion. They sent me back there with some oven mitts, a towel, and cat treats. I came away bloody and battered.

Now she just has 1 fang left in the front. Our little snaggle-tooth.

She spends the bulk of her days now sleeping & eating (only the most expensive vet-prescription food of course), and pooping on the floor. Occasionally she still enjoys peeing in laundry baskets, boxes, and camping chairs.

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