Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to Class

With all the Specialty news & photos, I realized it's been quite awhile since I posted Stout's progress in his online puppy class with Silvia Trkman!

The biggest news: we finally have a full independent pivot!

I'm sure the video isn't very impressive to some, but I am so proud! We have worked damn hard on this!

Everyone else in the class accomplished this back in March. But we just couldn't get it. And I was so frustrated, which in turn made Stout so frustrated. So we took a break from it, only trying it a couple times here & there to test. But when I tried again Sunday night, it was a miracle! A little corgi miracle!

So why is this little trick so important? It's the secret to great heeling. Check it out here.

And his progress in "4 in a box:"

Other people in the class have their dogs standing in little food dishes. But those dogs are also not corgi shaped with corgi legs! I like the arch I'm seeing in his back and the understanding of where his feet are. Normal dogs (aka border collies) in the class are exhibiting the same things, they just have to work down to a 6" diameter bowl before you see it  :)  Corgis do it in cake pans  :)

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  1. Pretty awesome to see him pivoting around in a full circle. That is amazing!