Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CWCCA Specialty Agility Photos - Part 1

Time to update everyone on our agility runs at the Specialty! And post some photos from Susan & VW again!

On the first day of agility, we had to race from the obedience ring inside the hotel all the way out to agility to barely make our first run. They were kind enough to hold it for me & let me do a quick walk-through. Unfortunately, the first class was FAST and it's not easy to do a quick walk-through!

I did some quick math in my head (and the judge helped me by pointing out the highest point obstacles) and away we went. Well, almost. It was so windy that the judge was offering to hold the teeter for dogs so it wouldn't blow up against the wind as dogs tried to jump onto it  :)  Luckily it didn't seem to bother Porter to have the judge standing right there.

Porter went on to earn his first Q in Excellent B FAST & qualified in Excellent B Jumpers (his MJP title!). Porter thought we were lure coursing in his Excellent B Standard run and took a wide turn out to the fence to chase a stray sheet of paper… The judge called it as a refusal (although I didn’t think he passed the plane of the jump…). So we were <this close> to earning a QQ and our first ever QQQ. Oh well  :)

If you look closely in the above photos, you'll see the rubber bands holding the jump bars in place. I don't think I've ever been to a windier trial! All the cones were staked down, the jump stanchions & wings were staked, and even the chute cloth was staked at the corners (so it ended up being more of a straight tunnel as opposed to the normal chute).

The course was even turned 90 degrees so the dogs wouldn't get blown off the dogwalk!

 I love these 2 dog walk ones above!

The next day Porter qualified again in Excellent B JWW, but took an extra jump in standard. But I didn’t care because he actually got his weaves in every run both days! That was good enough for me!

Stay tuned for even more agility photos!

And before you think Porter & I were some sort of Q’ing superstars at the Specialty, notice I didn’t mention our Novice obedience runs… :)  Those were pure comedy. Let’s just say that Porter is quite good at heeling on both sides… I'll post those photos eventually, I'm ok with humiliating myself again!


  1. Those are AWESOME photos! Congratulations on a really successful Nationals! Porter's a STAR!

  2. I LOVE the shot through the tire! That one should be framed!

    They took way, way more shots for you. Jimmy's were rather lacking, some were out of focus, and I didn't find anything I had to have :-(