Monday, May 28, 2012

2 QQ's & An MXP!

After a very, very long dry spell, Porter & I earned our 2nd & 3rd QQ's at the Hamilton Dog Training Club's agility trial!

Actually, is it even called a dry spell if you were never "on a roll" to begin with?  :)

Anyway, our first & only QQ previous to this came last year at this very trial. Obviously this is now our favorite trial (it was before too, due to the awesome running surface).


What made it even better, is that we finally earned our MXP too! 

It was kind of an MX party. Megan and her corgi Dally earned their MXP2, and Jodi & her chihuahua Maya earned their MX! Yay for the Small Dog Posse!

Megan was kind enough to film our QQ runs on Sunday:

Our Standard Run (larger)

Our JWW Run (larger)


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  1. Congrats on the double Qs and the MXP! I know first hand how precious and hard to come by the QQs are!