Monday, May 28, 2012

New Cruiser for the Brew Crew!

After much struggling to fit both corgis in our sedans (and much research into different models), I finally broke down and bought a new car...

Mazda 3
(See the house across the street with the recliner in the garage? He did our financing. Small world!)

This is where the corgis will ride, once we buy Stout a regular sized crate.
No more puppy crate!

But this is where they rode when we took them on the inaugural trip for ice cream!

And here's a little example of why Stout needs to ride in a crate...

He likes to use the "Stout perch" between the front seats.

We took them for Doggie Sundaes at Bruster's

It was Stout's first time  :)

Then we came home & watched Zero roll around in the catnip

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  1. Zoom! Zoom!

    My first Mazda was a 3 Coupe which I loved! It drove like a Ferrari! But once the agility bug went full fledged, it was too small. So I switched to the Mazda5 for the van doors and extra space. It doesn't handle quite as well but is still pretty fun. I average about 30mpg if it's just me/dogs in the car, so not too bad.

    Have fun with your new car!