Sunday, May 6, 2012

Derby Day

Living in Kentucky, we are obligated to watch the Kentucky Derby. It's practically a state holiday.

Everyone has Derby parties. Everyone dresses up in their finest suits & dresses & hats.

But not everyone goes so far as to dress up their dogs.

For those that may have missed it, I have recreated the Derby for you using Porter & Stout.

The trainer with I'll Have Another in the paddock before the race

The competition just entered the paddock: Bodemeister (aka Valhundmeister) and her wealthy owner.

Quite a lot of tension in the paddock before the race...

But I'll Have Another pulled off a stunning win!
Doesn't his trainer look proud?

 Thank you for spending Derby Day with us Dally & Mesa! Sorry I dressed you up...

And because I had said if I'll Have Another won the Derby, Stout's registered name will now be:
Raconteur's I'll Have Another!

I knew there was a reason I waited this long to come up with something...  :)

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