Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weenie Bob Champion!

Say hello to the 2012 Weenie Bob Champion!

Yes, Porter beat all the terriers at the Bluegrass Working Terrier Association's Spring Fling to bring home the Weenie Bob title!

Just what is the Weenie Bob? Check out our friend Lili competing below:

Lili did it in just over 2 seconds. Porter did it in just over 1 second  :)  Porter got that weiner in the blink of an eye! So fast actually that Jodi didn't even get it on video  :)

But long before his weenie bobbing exploits, Porter & Stout enjoyed participating in more terrier-like fun & games. First they watched the races: jack russell, daschund, and even chihuahua.

As you can see above, Porter gets a little excited when they start running that lure.

We started the morning with a little go-to-ground. Above is a photo of Lili coming out of the tunnel for the first time.

Porter placed 2nd in the "miscellaneous breed" go to ground  :)

Porter also got 4th in the "miscellaneous breed" barn hunt.

The barn hunt was a little different this year. They had rat tubes hidden in hay bales spread throughout a small section of the barn. But only one of the tubes actually had rats in it. Your job is to identify which one of the tubes has the rats by how your dog signals. I actually guessed it right this year: the tube Porter nudged hard with his nose was the one with the rats!

Stout watching Lili look for mice

And finally Porter's absolute favorite: Lure Coursing!

Here is an awesome photograph of Porter from Foxglade Photography: 
Stout watching the lure coursing

Even Stout got in on the action: I signed him up for lure coursing!

I had been a little unsure if he would figure it out or even like it, but I need not have worried! He watched that lure zip by once and he was hooked! He was pulling & barking just like Porter! And just 3 seconds slower!

Here is an awesome photograph of Stout from Foxglade Photography:

He even got 4th place in his division!

To view all the photos from the lure coursing, click here. There are quite a few more good ones of Porter & Stout.

So all in all, it was a very good day at the Terrier Trial! The Brews Brothers were so exhausted they fell asleep on the concrete during the awards ceremony...


  1. My dogs want to come live with you. What as great time for dogs!

  2. Very cool! Lowri wants to try that after watching Porter and Stout.