Friday, May 11, 2012

Terrier Time!

Tomorrow is Porter's favorite event of the year: the Bluegrass Working Terrier Association's Spring Fling!

Porter indulges his inner-terrier on most of our walks, but this is the event that lets everyone know what a rodent-hound he really is! He gets to lure course, do some go-to-ground, barn hunt, brush hunt, and even bob for hot dogs.

He has made such a showing in this event in previous years, that they have now created separate classes for him. I guess they were tired of him beating all the Jack Russells  :)  And the guy that runs the go-to-ground portion now has a Cardigan of his very own. Coincidence? I think not...  :)

Anyway, here are some videos of Porter from last year "getting his terrier on!"

The Brush Hunt: Video   This was the first year they had this event. Porter was a little confused in the beginning.

Go To Ground: Video 1  & Video 2    Didn't think he'd fit in that little tunnel, did you? It's amazing what this dog will do for a little cage of rats at the end!

Lure Course:  Video  Porter loves chasing plastic bags!

We'll see what Stout thinks of the terrier stuff. I'm pretty sure he'll do anything that he sees Porter do. I only entered him in the Lure Coursing though. He's not had the pleasure of catching his own rodents yet, so his drive isn't refined enough. But he has caught many paper & plastic products!

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  1. What a great day that looks like! You're right! I can't believe he ran thru that little tunnel!