Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Good Weekend: The Porter Edition

Maybe I should have titled this post "A Very Good Weekend"  :)

The Brews Brothers traveled to Springfield, OH, over the weekend for an AKC agility trial. Porter took a huge chunk out of his PACH & Nationals countdown...

On Saturday, he earned QQ #16 and 42 speed points:

I'm not sure why it's so squashed... Go here for better video.

I'm definitely getting more comfortable with blind crosses  :)

On Sunday, Porter earned QQ #17! And 45 speed points!

Squished again... Click here.

Porter was on fire for that standard run! The JWW run started out a little slow, but he picked it up at the end.

So the secret to Porter's weekend success?

Smoked Mussels from the Dollar Tree  :)  Cardi approved!

We are now sitting just 49 points away from qualifying for Nationals! We have 2 more weekends of trials coming up to earn them (and a possible 3rd if we don't get the points beforehand!)


  1. Lovely runs! Go Porter! Congrats! That PACH is so close.

  2. Wow -- he sure is racking up the achievements! Nice runs -- so smooth. Congrats!