Friday, October 11, 2013

NADAC Champs: Day 4

Finally, the last day of Champs  :)

Our last run, Round 7, was Jumpers based:

Man, that line came up fast!  :)  I wish I would have paid more attention, because I think if we had gotten it the first time, we could have placed in the ribbons. As it was, we were 13th out of 27.

And that ended our Champs experience for 2013. We finished in the middle of the pack, not high enough to make finals. We stuck around to watch friends & see if we won anything in the raffle, then we packed up & headed home.

I'm still waiting for results for the last few rounds, just to know if we qualified or not. Which is one of my very few gripes from the experience  :)  

Overall, this was probably the most well-organized Champs I've attended yet. After our first time in Tennessee in 2009, I was pretty sure that I'd never do another one. I gave it another shot and after the 2011 Champs, I had a hard time convincing myself to come to this one... But NADAC has redeemed itself somewhat this year :) 

I will come again in 2015, if Porter is still up to it. By then he'll be able to compete in the Double Digits division! Or maybe Stout will finally have his act together...

Oh, and Porter finally received his Open Versatility medal at Champs! I looked back & we had requested it in 2011... 

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