Friday, October 18, 2013

Countdown to the Canine Olympics: Part 2

Before the Canine Olympics, way back in 2007, I made Porter a dinosaur costume:


I think John's mom had just gifted us a sewing machine. So of course, a dog costume was the first thing I made!
The craftsmanship & sewing wasn't great, neither was the fit  :)  But it was a start!

I had to adapt a regular pattern to fit a corgi. Not easy!
I don't remember if Porter wore it at the Canine Olympics or not... That may have been before the Olympics began...

But I do know that the costume was recycled and worn by Stout at the event last year:

"I hate you."
In 2008, I modified the pattern to make Porter a skunk:


Yes, his tail is inside the skunk tail  :)
Even the cat was in awe...

I took a couple years off from the epic costumes (except for the one in tomorrow's post!), until last year.
Introducing Chia-Port!

Please note the terracotta legs...

This was a mess to sew!

Tomorrow we will talk about the best costume to date :)

Then we will debut the newest ones on Sunday!

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