Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Porter - Silver Medalist in the Outfield Catch!

Now that you've all seen the costumes, it's time for the rest of the Canine Olympics results! 

Porter won the first medal of the day: a silver in the Outfield Catch (with a cookie)!

John chose to handle Porter in all the day's activities. You can see the proud puppy-daddy above on the podium  :)

The Outfield Catch contest consists of tossing a cookie to your dog. If your dog catches it, you take a step back & throw the next one. You keep stepping back & tossing until you are the last one standing.

I held Porter to prevent him from creeping toward John (cheating). I think John was a good 15 feet away before Porter finally missed.

Click on the photo to see it larger

And here was the final toss that knocked Porter & John out of the competition:

Ah, the agony of defeat!

But he still had a belly full of biscuits  :)

Thank you to Jodi for the photos!


  1. What great photo series! I know Lance would love the treat catching! Vito would lose rather quickly :)