Friday, October 11, 2013

NADAC Champs: Day 3

 On day 3 (Saturday) we had our best run at Champs  :)  Go Porter, go!
Round 5:

I love how loud all my friends were cheering! We were very vocal for everyone!  :)

That run felt so good! And it actually was good! You know how sometimes you can have an awesome feeling run, yet you don't qualify? Isn't it a bonus when you have one that actually does qualify?  :)

We finished 9th (out of 27) - just out of the ribbons! It was a qualifying run - yay for weaving Porter! And on the first try!

I decided to celebrate a little afterwards... Nothing alcoholic, or another piercing or anything  :)  But I had been eye-ing these Fried Cherry Peppers on the food vendor's menu. Yes, I celebrated by having the most greasy, fried, delicious food I have had in over 6 months!

Keep that in mind as I continue my recap  :)

Round 6:

Once again, love the cheering! We were all a little "punch-drunk" at this point... Great times!

Round 6 was the only round without weaves or contact equipment. I would describe it as kind of a tunnelers/hoopers hybrid course. However, NADAC calls it EGC (Extreme Games Challenge).
EGC is something Sharon Nelson, the founder & owner of NADAC, came up with a few years ago. It is a fairly divisive topic within NADAC. And often ridiculed outside NADAC...
But anyway, this was my first official introduction to it. The general idea is to go as fast as possible  :)  And preferably stay not just on course, but on the ideal path. EGC is the only place in NADAC where refusals are counted. And so is veering from the optimal path. Each incur point penalties which then are added to your time. Maybe. I really don't know  :)
Porter incurred 22 points of faults, plus all the time we wasted in going into the wrong end of the tunnel, then the wrong tunnel altogether...  We finished 22nd out of 27 dogs  :)  But he was running pretty darn fast, especially for a dog that doesn't find hoops very motivating!
One thing I learned from this round: It is really hard to run that hard for that long! I busted my butt in that class, knowing that it was the only way that Porter would run fast enough to compete with the other dogs. And I expect Porter to do that for every class? What an eye opener! Now I understand why you routinely conserve energy on course, Porter! I apologize.
But remember what I ate for lunch? Which sat in my belly all afternoon? Yeah, then I ran as fast as I could in this class later that evening. Um, I was pretty sure I was going to barf. I actually had to bow out of dinner plans because I felt so bad  :(  Not much celebrating after all.

Chilling in our stall. No nail guns were being used that afternoon :)


  1. Round 5 was super awesome!! Isn't always kind of a bummer when you finish that close to the ribbons? It happened to Secret and I twice this year. Boo. Oh well, it was still a fantastic run!

    And lol to the "celebrate with greasy food" comment -- I went to Hardees and tried one of the buffalo blue cheeseburgers that I'd been wanting to try. It was so good I got one the next night, too. :o) Now I want one every day....

    Love that you used an ex-pen in your stall the same way I did! Mine was more out of necessity/safety sake for Kizzy, though. lol Needed that extra barrier between her and the outside world...

  2. Beautiful runs --- smooth as silk!! Gorgeous blind crosses too!! Congrats :)