Saturday, October 19, 2013

Countdown to the Canine Olympics: Part 3

Ready for the greatest costume of all time?

In 2010, Porter became Corgi Gaga:

Yes, the infamous meat dress from the VMA's. I also added the hair bow  :)

He won the Gold Medal at the Canine Olympics...

But even better than that, the photo went viral  :)

I entered the photo in the Daily Corgi's costume contest. I think that is where it all began...

Because then he showed up on Obsessive Corgi Disorder.

He's shown up in 2 different Buzzfeed posts: "90 Corgis In Costume" & "26 Things You're Forced To Wear When You're A Corgi"

I found him on & some other site with a Goat Gaga

And someone's blog who declared him the "best Lady Gaga EVER!"  :)  

And finally, I even entered him in TMZ's Celebrity Costume Contest:

Thank you to Google Image Search for allowing me to track down everywhere Porter's photo was posted  :)  I knew about some of them, but not that many! He really was a (small) internet star!

Oh, and on a lot of those sites, you can also find Jimmy in his ram costume  :)

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